Anger & Aggression in Young Children

Anger and Aggression in Young Children-Course Description

Everyone gets angry. All early education professionals have had or will have experiences with angry and aggressive behaviors as well as children who just act aggressively toward others. These behaviors are a concern because handling the situation often involves more than one child. Have you had children with aggressive behaviors in your classroom or program? How do you handle these types of situations? Which behaviors do you consider to be unacceptable and aggressive? Attend this learning event to define the myths and facts about childhood violence, help children describe physiological changes caused by stress in their bodies, summarize the levels of agitation, state possible reasons for angry and aggressive behaviors, and lastly, create strategies and solutions for coping with angry and aggressive behaviors.

Participants attending this event are required to attend online for a required amount of time, read handouts, watch video clips, answer a minimum number of interactive online questions, and pass a post knowledge assessment with a minimum score of 90% or higher (multiple attempts allowed).

Location: Online/Self-Paced. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Work at your own pace.

Credits: .5 CEU/5 Hours

Cost: $30.00

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December 5, 2022
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