But I WAS Listening…Auditory Disorder


The impact that auditory processing disorder can have on a child reaches from their ability to read to their social interactions with others. How often do you have a child ask you to repeat something that you’ve said, have you thought that a child wasn’t really listening, or that a child gives you an answer that is completely off topic? We’ve probably all experienced this and some children have difficulties processing incoming information more so than others. Attend this learning event to discover the skills involved in auditory processing, describe the possible indicators of auditory processing disorder, participate in a simulation to create your own definition, and identify classroom accommodations for children with auditory processing difficulties.

Participants are required to read course handouts, engage in online activity slides, engage in online coursework for a required length of time, and pass a post knowledge assessment with a score of 90% or higher in order to earn the course certificate. The post knowledge assessment may be taken multiple times to ensure success.

Event Information

September 13, 2021
Online - Self Pace
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