Exploring the ECERS R: An Overview – Self-Paced/Online

Have been told that an assessment is upcoming? Do you worry whether or not you will merely just survive the day or do you want your classroom to thrive and shine brightly? It is important to learn the details and stay current and know what is expected in during an Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scales-Revised Edition (ECERS-R) assessment. It’s acceptable to ask questions and to ask for help! This learning event is designed to give participants foundational knowledge of the ECERS Revised Edition to start building a solid core and firm groundwork to get started on preparation. *It is recommended that participants have a copy of the ECERS R.

Participants will be able to identify the items and indicators as described in the ECERS Revised Edition, describe furnishings, arrangement of space, and materials recommended for a high quality learning environment, define frequently used terms in the ECERS R, and ultimately reflect on their own classroom and practices in regard to the ECERS R to implement a high quality environment.

*In order to earn the certificate, participants are required read course handouts, watch video clips, answer online interactive questions, and score a 90% or higher on a post knowledge assessment. Certificates are immediately available for downloading, printing, and saving directly from the course software in PDF format.

Credits: .5 CEU/5 credit hours

Location: Online/self-paced

Registration: $30   Registration always open! Register Now!

Event Information

March 9, 2023
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