First Steps to Orientation: The Initial 2 Weeks of Employment


Orientation to the field of early education is essential for all early educators. As you go about your daily routines, being able to provide a safe, high quality care environment while understanding the basics of child development will make your job easier.

Newly employed early educators are required to be trained on certain topics in the first 2 weeks of employment. Participants in this learning event will describe ways to provide adequate supervision of children in both indoor and outdoor environments, list ways to prevent shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma, write a statement describing the importance of preventing and managing infectious diseases, including immunizations and list the necessary precautions in transporting children. In addition, early educators will need to learn the specific policies and procedures of their employer by working directly with an administrator outside of this learning event. This learning event will also instruct new early educators on how to access the required course for recognizing, responding to, and reporting child abuse, neglect, or maltreatment.


Participants will read handouts, view videos, complete online assignments, attend time required, and pass a post knowledge assessment with a score of 90% or higher in order to earn the course certificate. The post knowledge assessment may be taken multiple times to ensure success.

Event Information

September 6, 2021
Online - Self Pace
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