Managing Emotions & Self-Regulation- Self-paced/On demand Credits – 0.2

Managing Emotions & Self-Regulation- Self-paced/On demand Credits – 0.2

Chances are you have witnessed a tantrum and you’ve seen a child have an emotional outburst. Managing emotions and helping children self-regulate, using familiar materials and activities can be a powerful and proactive social-emotional teaching strategy that assists with positive behavior management. This learning event will provide opportunities to identify the 3 skills necessary for managing emotions and self-regulation. Participants attending this learning event will be able to write examples of the 3 key skills needed for self-regulation in children, select 4 steps to supporting self-regulation for children and apply the key skills for self-regulation by using an action plan template.

Participants who complete the course length and interactive resources, videos, and questions, and pass a post knowledge assessment with a score of 90% or higher (multiple attempts allowed) will earn the CEU certificate.

Credits: .2 CEU

Date: Course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Location: Self-paced/on demand

Registration: $15

Event Information

May 15, 2023
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