Studying the SACERS U: An Overview, Self-paced/On-Demand

Studying the SACERS U: An Overview,  Self-paced/On-Demand

This interactive self-paced online course is focused on using the SACERS U as a tool to promote designing quality school age learning environments for all types of programs. Use of the SACERS U as such a tool is a benefit to a program, as well as an on-going process. Attend this learning event to explore the different indicators and items found in the SACERS Updated Edition, define the common terms found throughout, list materials and supports needed to create a quality school age environment, and reflect on your own practices and room arrangement to overcome challenges, set goals and sustain quality for yourself and the children in your program. The benefits of sustained quality will show through the children’s desire to attend and through their behavior in your program!

Participants attending this event are required to attend online for a required amount of time, read handouts, watch video clips, answer a minimum number of interactive online questions, and pass a post knowledge assessment with a minimum score of 90% or higher (multiple attempts allowed).

Credits: .5 CEU, 5 Credit Hours

Date: Course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Location: Self-paced/on demand

Registration: $30

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April 20, 2023
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