Powers of Resilience: Social Emotional Learning for Adults

The Seven Powers of Conscious Discipline help you develop your inner resources and create purposeful positive change in your life. Through this course, you’ll become aware of the mental models, limiting beliefs, unconscious biases and intentions that drive your feelings and behaviors. With consciousness comes the opportunity to choose differently and make lasting changes in your life and the lives you touch. In this new e-course from Dr. Becky Bailey, the first Social Emotional Learning for Adults course of its kind, you’ll learn how to live a life that reflects your values and vision, creating the home or school culture and community that you truly want to see. In turn, you’ll pass healthy beliefs and behaviors on to future generations.

10 Hours

  • 7+ hours of video training sessions led by Dr. Becky Bailey
  • A downloadable workbook by Dr. Becky Bailey to lead you to deeper reflections, insights and ideas for immediate implementation in your own life

Event Information

June 8, 2021 - June 8, 2021
Self-Pace Online
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