Virtual – What Every Baby Needs

Description: Infancy is an amazing time for babies. It might appear that all they do is cry, eat, sleep, and require frequent diaper changes. But there is so much more happening. Babies learn they will be fed when they are hungry and comforted when they are tired. They make discoveries about how the world works through their play experiences with simple toys. Understanding what every baby needs during the early years will help set the stage for lifelong learning and development. This training will explore how to provide respectful and responsive care that will help shape the infant’s brain and capacity to learn. Participants will learn about age-appropriate toys that stimulate learning for infants and how their freedom to move impacts their motor development.

DCDEE Credit:  2 Hours

Each participant will need their own email address.  Access information will be emailed once registration has ended. Participants can not be counted into ratio during the training event.

Event Information

May 4, 2021 -2:00 pm -4:00 pm
Virtual - ZOOM
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